Agency :: CHALK

"We are Chalk. We’re a group of creatives. We’re artists. We’re makers and doers. We can work together one time or one hundreds times. We can do our own thing. You can do your own thing. When you need us, we’re dedicated and focused on bringing amazing projects and ideas to life."

DJ Neff, Chris Neff, Paul Ramirez, Justin Mitchell, and I opened our creative studio in LA in 2010. It was fuggin' rad. In between our own personal projects, we created a few things for a few brands.


At the end of January 2012, Chalk was approached by Chick-fil-A with an interesting task – transform the mundane ceiling of a 300’ x 98’ dining tent into a truly remarkable setting using 80,000 recycled Chick-fil-A Styrofoam cups. We got a hold of a couple hundred Styrofoam cups and spent a few days constructing various shapes like spheres, domes, cylinders, walls and more. We  experimented with different ways of hanging and lighting them, snapped some photos, put together a presentation, and sent it off. Shortly after, we were awarded the project.
30,000 cups arrived at Chalk right away and we got to it. Hot-gluing-it 24-7. We spent a week or so trapped inside a Styrofoam cup fortress, completing as many pieces as possible before we had to fly. We arrived the night before our shipment of pre-constructed pieces and an additional 50,000 cups. The next five days it was non-stop construction – hanging, lighting, rigging, gluing, and not sleeping.


We gave 150 pair of K-Swiss running shoes a face by creating "Sole Man," a backdrop for the K-Swiss photo booth at the 2011 LA Marathon.


We had the pleasure of working with Vintage Teaworks to create their brand identity and packaging for the launch of their all-new brand.