Everybody knows Budweiser. Pretty much nobody knows Estrella Jalisco, a Mexican beer that AB InBev hopes to make a household name in the upcoming years. According to some scientific research, it is the least bitter beer in the category. So naturally that is what we planned to talk about. It doesn’t need a lime and you don’t have to be on a beach surrounded by perfect people to enjoy it. Not sure where you’re reading this from, but if you feel like having a beer right now, it’s not a bad choice. Just make sure it’s nice and cold.


ESTRELLA JALISCO TRICKS FACEBOOK'S SEARCH ALGORITHM TO ERASE NEGATIVE SENTIMENT ABOUT MEXICANS is what the AdAge headline read. Right beneath that, they wrote “Beer brand figures out way to eliminate some of the ethnic vitriol hurled on social media” without a period. Because it was a subhead and they typically don’t use periods in those. Don’t believe me? Here is proof. Taking a little inspiration from the Russians, we “hacked” Facebook so that when someone searched the term “Mexican’s are…” words like rapists, animals, lazy, loud, ugly, and other hateful terms wouldn’t show up. Instead, it now autofills with words that describe what Mexican’s truly are. Inspiring. Passionate. Artists. Funny. It took a lot of work to figure out how to make this actually happen and also not mess with the social platform in a negative way. Props to Sofie and Melusi for being on Facebook all day instead of working. Sometimes being lazy at the office leads to great ideas.

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