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** SPOILER ALERT - Each bike project entry has the same intro copy and I intend to keep it that way. **
I've been into motorcycles by entire life, but didn't buy my first one until I was around 20-years-old. Since then I've owned something like 10. Most have been restorations, a few have been custom builds, and a couple have just been for riding as is. I usually try to find them for dirt cheap, envision a vision for them, and spend a few months building them at my own pace. Also, they scare the shit out of me. Riding in Miami isn't nearly as nice as riding in LA, so building has slowed down. However, I plan to always have a project bike going on.

PROJECT :: RILEY SINCLAIRE // 2007 Honda Ruckus

Three times the engine, 12-inch stretch, drop it all down, clean up the handle bars and controls, upgrade the brakes, add carbon fiber all over the place, and make it look like a bad bitch. Those were the goals. Achievement unlocked.
Parts includecustom Yoshi muffler with bazooka pipe, carbon battery box, carbon gas tank cover, NCY front end with disc brake and lower springs/thicker oil, Audi TT two stage Aviator Grey paint, PWJDM dress up/washer kit, handle bars, stem, pegs, kickstand, and plate holder, KN-KIKAKU rear coil over, 13" rear and NCY 10" front with disc conversion, and mucho more.

** Before I dissembled it and painted it, I peeled out on it a few times.