In 2011, it was safe to say that hybrids were nothing short of long yawn. They drove like an adult Power Wheels. Booooooring. Infiniti set out to change that with the 360hp M Hybrid. We helped launch the high-performance hybrid right before it hit the streets with a spot and a pretty immersive iAd experience thing (for the time).

Project :: M HYBRID

Since hybrids have actually been around since the late 1800's, we created a spot that educated people on their history and introduced the one that people were finally going to want to drive.



The print

It was oh so clean. I was a Jekyll and Hyde sorta deal... similar copy on each side of the spread that highlighted features unexpected in a hybrid.


The iAd

This cutie took advantage of pretty much every piece of technology available at the time. When you held up your phone, it used the gyroscope to give you a full view of the interior as if you were sitting in the car. Move the phone left - you'd look out of the driver's window, move it up - you'd see the moon-roof, turn 180-degrees around - you'd peep the back seat where babies are made.