Agency :: ME

** SPOILER ALERT - Each bike project entry has the same intro copy and I intend to keep it that way. **
I've been into motorcycles by entire life, but didn't buy my first one until I was around 20-years-old. Since then I've owned something like 10. Most have been restorations, a few have been custom builds, and a couple have just been for riding as is. I usually try to find them for dirt cheap, envision a vision for them, and spend a few months building them at my own pace. Also, they scare the shit out of me. Riding in Miami isn't nearly as nice as riding in LA, so building has slowed down. However, I plan to always have a project bike going on.

Project :: Rocky The Rebel

I turned a little 1985 Honda Rebel into a Bobber. Then it was featured on BikeExif. No biggie. The link is here, but if you're against clicking links, the article reads:

"Think of a custom Honda and it’s invariably a CB. I don’t think I’ve seen any Honda Rebel customs before, and I certainly haven’t seen a Rebel bobber. But this little machine, nicknamed ‘Rocky’ by owner Jason Wolske, looks sweet. And even better, he’s cataloged the whole build on a Tumblr blog, along with excellent photography. When Jason bought his bone-stock 1985 Honda Rebel CMX250, it turned out to have no compression in one cylinder. So he bought a replacement engine for the princely sum of $350 (including shipping!) and started work. This included struts to turn the bike into a rigid, a solo seat, a velocity stack and K&N filter, a white-faced speedometer and drag bars with new grips. Relatively simple and cheap modifications, but ones that presented a few unforeseen problems along the way. Jason reports that Rocky has a new owner now: “I put her on Craigslist and in under 24 hours she was gone. Craziness. Anyway, on to the next project. I learned a whole lot about bikes, that’s the whole reason I bought the bike to begin with.”