CLIENT :: Volkswagen
Agency :: CP+B // DEUTSCH

I spent three years of my career managing a huge part of Volkswagen’s digital presence at Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Deutsch. At CP+B, I crafted the language for the entirely new – a flash-based re-launch that was controlled by a simple widget. The site included everything from model landing pages and experiences (Safe Happens) to an entire VW Dictionary and about five hundred thousand banners. At Deutsch, I helped pitch and win the account for the agency. Immediately a re-launch of the site was underway with the “Das Auto” mind-set. During that time I worked on everything from new model launches to the PunchDub Super Bowl campaign, along with new site copy and probably another sixty-five thousand banners. Bits and pieces of certain projects can be found below.

Project :: WHY VW / SAFETY
Agency :: DEUTSCH

Safety can be confusing and Volkswagen needed to help the world understand what differentiates their vehicles from other manufacturers.

So, we created the appropriately titled Why VW section of The site focused on a few key brand pillars of VW and each, in their own way, educates the reader about Volkswagen. We concepted a way to teach people about the complex safety features found in every VW in a very simple, human way. It was a side-scrolling, parallax experience built in HTML5 and it was the hot shit when it was live. Throughout it there were little offers interactive tasty bits that functioned amazingly smooth across all platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


Project :: PUNCHDUB
Agency :: DEUTSCH

Meet Sluggy Patterson. And all 13 members of the VW family (at the time). Deutsch won VW and we had about a month to put out a Super Bowl campaign with all the goodies that come along with it including microsites, social posts, web videos, and some other stuff, and some other things. We gamified the way we introduced people to all of the models and even digitally throw fists. 

Project :: VW.COM
Agency :: CP+B

A year in the making, the complete redesign of was to develop a user experience more akin to using a piece of software than browsing a traditional website. Like Spotlight search on a Mac, it featured a unique widget-style navigation that offered quick access to all the tools necessary to navigate the site. A few of us spent countless hours, writing countless scenarios and interactions on a whiteboard, drinking countless whiskeys, in order to make the countless pages that made up this website. Seriously, the UX flow for the site was a work of art. This magic little widget acted as a navigation tool that seamlessly sorted media results from all over the web, including Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Other features included an interactive map interface to locate dealerships, full-screen gallery slideshows, seamless e-commerce, and a password-protected community section for car owners.

Agency :: CP+B

OH MY GOD, THEY CRASHED A CAR ON TV! The client will never want to show their beautiful car destroyed. Psych! Yeah they would. Safe Happens was a huge campaign. My major role in this project was to help consumers take the MKV Jetta they just created online... and crash it. They could choose to run it into a tree, have it get charged by a rhino, run it in to a tree, or have it abducted by aliens. That was fun.

Project :: CARAOKE
Agency :: CP+B

From 2006-2010, the New Beetle made a audible splash at Auto Shows around the country. We created an experience that helps celebrate one of the happiest and most freeing moments of driving – singing in the car. We let people rock out to their favorite songs in the comfort of a special sound-proof Beetle. Each performance was captured on video and streamed on a YouTube channel where people could browse, share, and vote on their favorite Caraoke moments. Top performers were awarded special prizes.

Agency :: CP+B

The Evil Touareg was so rad. More rad than evil to be honest. Once I find the hard drive, I can share the work.